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Wildcat Firetrucks U.S.A. specializes in building custom brush trucks, command trucks, and EMS/law enforcement vehicles.

Model 52 Brush Truck

The Model 52 is a workhorse for the US Fish & Wildlife Service and Bureau of Indian Affairs. It was also chosen by the US Forest Service as its standard brush engine for many years. It offers all of the essentials for a brush truck, with a low initial cost, low maintenance costs, and high durability. The model 52 can also be customized to meet your needs.


  • 23 HP BB-4 Vanguard Gas Powered Engine (other pump configurations available)
  • Hannay Hose Reel
  • Hand/Manual or Electric Primer
  • Hose Rack
  • Storage Boxes
  • Steel piping
  • Tags Numbered in Sequence
  • Various Tank Sizes: 300 Gallon to 800 Gallon
  • Meets requirements for NWCG Type 6 or Type 4 Apparatus depending on configuration.
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